Wednesday, October 28, 2009


October is coming to an end now, what have done for this month?

Time to summarize, had been in station for about month, starting to adapt to station life. I miss hanging out with the guys at CDA. Join the station guys for soccer game at SAFRA Tampines, fun to play with the guys but I don't really like the soccer court, basically the fence doesn't help much... Have to keep picking the balls when we kick over the fence. @%&^$%... Maybe the next one should be Paint-Ball keke...

Me and Yan had been together for 6years, woah maybe is time...

And my sister, Catherine gave birth to a very cute baby girl, now it makes me a uncle of 3 nephews and 3 nieces.

Stn 33 Rota 1 WooYA!!

Baby niece, Dionna

Monday, September 28, 2009

Finally 6mths of training is over

Finally I pass out as SGT le, that 6 mths tough trainings me and my course had are over, all our anger, pain, tears, blood we shed together will always be remembered. Now that we are separated to different fire stations, CDA (instructors), SRBs, I'm gonna miss having fun with all 67 of them...

On my POC (Passing Out Ceremony) day, I'm glad that my mum, my girlfriend and Fen could attend although I would like to ask my sisters and their children to attend too but I only had limited seats to each and everyone of us.

As now it's a new chapter, a new path to go on to continue my career, looking forward to work in a fire station, Seng Kang Fire Station.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Back from Brunei

Just came back from Outward Bound Brunei Darussalam 2 days back, training there were very tough and fun, the solo night really gave me time to really rest and reflect on what I've been doing and to think of what I want in future. Climbing up of BT. Lutut wasn't an easy one, it takes teamwork to get up and down of there. I pretty much enjoy this trip there, an escape from work. Thanks to my teams' effort, Nadiah and Ah Bang Mahmud's teachings.

Haven't blog for a while, been busy with a series of test in CDA, don't really got the time to blog and sometime lazy to type keke... In just about a few weeks later, I'll be passing out as a SGT soon, can't wait...

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Easy week

This week ended so fast, not much physical training, just the competiton on Friday and nothing much. Next week we will become seniors, HTA and Brunei will be coming soon for us and after another 3mths we will be SGTs, I just can't wait...

Yan and the national netball team will be having their final match against Sri Lanka, should be Jia You Team Singapore!!! Jia You Yan!!!

Info: Singapore triumphed over Malaysia by 51-39 in the Semi-Finals to qualify for the Asian Champs Finals. The defending Champions will meet Sri Lanka in the finals on this Sunday, 28 June at 3pm. Come and support your National Team at Stadium Juara, Bukit Kiara, KL!

Catch Transformers2: Revenge of The Fallen just now at 1:15am with Aloy and Derrick, the movie was nice but I was rather a little disappointed. The fighting scenes were very little and middle part was a little drag but overall not bad. 4/5

Haven't sleep yet and I'm doing guard duty today damn it.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Boring weekend

Last week seems to be a long week, so much things to do in camp, trainings and "special trainings", IPPTs and guard duty makes me so damn tired and no totally no time to rest. Still can't get an gold in my IPPT and that sucks!!!

Yan still not back yet, I spend my weekend mostly at home, I went out with Patrik on Saturday to shopping, bought a few stuffs and we had dinner at Waraku...Yummy!!! In the night. I went over to Pat's house to watch some old chinese movies, damn funny, laugh my a** off lol then we meet up with Chee Hao and JunJie for supper, we end up chatting under the void deck till next morning 5am. In 4 days time, Transformer 2 is showing on all cinemas, anyone wanna watch it with me? But I can only watch it on Friday and Saturday, my Sunday got guard duty...

Our delicous meal at Waraku

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Yan is leaving again

Yan is leaving for KL tomorrow, netball match.

I'm gonna miss her again...

Take good care my dear!!

Tahan Joe, Tahan!!!

This week gonna be tough, today encik was asking us who wanna join the fire fighting skills competition, a lot of them were picked, their skills are so much better than mine. At first my name wasn't called, so I think I wasn't good enough and I hide myself from being called up to join as I'm not confident in myself. Minutes later I heard my name being called up, we are gonna train up the whole entire week for it, next week will be the competition, left with 3 more days to train and I had IPPT tomorrow and Friday, Thursday got SOC. I think I'll need a lot of days for recovery next week...

Can I really do well in the competition? Tahan Joe, Tahan!!!

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